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In Defence Of Our Trade Union Independence

Over the past decades, there have been systematic attacks starting from the Prices and incomes Accord moving on to increasing bureaucracy for unions by introducing Enterprise Bargaining. The latest attack on the movement is the “Ensuring Integrity Bill”, which has not yet been legislated. However, there is a draft copy which gives us a good indication of the intention of this bill.

Imperialist Aggression Against Iran

The Australian Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the people of Iran as they face an escalation of aggression from the US and its imperialist allies. Crippling sanctions have been inflicted on the people of the country and there is now open discussion of a military invasion. The results of this type of outrage have already been witnessed in Iraq, Syria and Libya. It must not be allowed to happen in Iran.

Imperialist Attacks on Cuba & Venezuela

The people of Cuba and Venezuela have resisted to preserve their socialist revolution. Cuba repulsed one invasion and have remained ready to resist an ongoing threat of invasion. The people of Venezuela have also had to prepare for this type of eventuality. The Trump administration has coincided with more concerted efforts at “regime change” in these two developing countries.

General Secretary’s Report

Comrade Bob Briton addressed the Australian Communist Party’s founding congress with an informative, inspiring and critical report on the communist movement’s past, its present tasks and its vibrant future. A thorough explanation was given into the background of events which lead to the formation of the ACP, the activity of its members and prospects and plans of the party in the future.


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The Australian Communist Party is dedicated to the liberation of the workers and all oppressed under the capitalist system. With all of the various issues that arise within our society, our members immerse themselves in the struggle to fight to defend what we have and push the boundaries at every opportunity!


Historic Australian Communists


The Australian Communist Party has a long and proud history fighting for the economic and social liberation of the Australian working class. Find out more about Australia’s past Communist leaders and activists



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