Statements & Greetings


Best Wishes to the KKE

20th Of July

The Australian Communist Party of Australia sends best wishes to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) as they contest national elections. The KKE has set an outstanding example for parties of the international Communist movement in the use of parliaments to advance the interests of the working class and other exploited people.


Federal Election 2019

20th Of May

If people attached importance to pre-election polls, the result of Saturday’s federal election would have come as a great shock. The outcome will be analysed at great length by the corporate media but at a very superficial level. Bill Shorten lacked “charisma”, the Coalition targeted their pork barrelling well and carried out an effective and misleading scare campaign about increased taxes, and so on. This may well be true, but it is the tip of the iceberg of class realities that are beneath the political farce that has just played out. Workers didn’t trust Bill Shorten to do anything to markedly improve their declining prospects for well-paid and secure work, a roof over their head and free, public, accessible services. Shorten exemplifies the opportunist elements that have dominated the labour movement for many decades and from which the ALP draws its parliamentary representatives.


Lessons of the Hawke legacy'

17th of May 2019

Tributes are flowing for former Prime Minister Bob Hawke who passed away yesterday. Hawke was an electoral draw card who had a marketable “common touch” and it may appear bad form to take the occasion to draw attention to his negative legacy. But it is important to draw attention to the disastrous consequences of the global capitalist agenda imposed during his terms as PM so the correct lessons are learned by working people. Bob Hawke headed up a government that ushered in changes that set back working people’s interests profoundly. The Prices and Incomes Accord crowned an ideological defeat for the working class of this country. It suggested workers and bosses have common interests where no such possibility exists.


Greetings to the Communist Party of Canada - 39th Convention

14 Of May 2019

On the occasion of the 39th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, please receive warmest fraternal greetings from the members of the newly-formed Australian Communist Party. Our Party was created in response to the deepening, multi-faceted crisis of capitalism and after analysing the inadequacy of the groups expressing the desire to change our society from a capitalist to a socialist one. We respect the commitment of the CPC to that noble goal and the level and quality of activity directed to that end in your country and the solidarity it displays internationally. We look forward to seeing the results of your Convention and to deepening relations between our two Marxist-Leninist parties.


Condolences to the people of Sri Lanka

25 April 2019

The members of the Australian Communist Party send deepest condolences to the people of Sri Lanka as they recover from the tragic loss inflicted by recent terrorist attacks. Sympathies go to the loved ones of those lost and to those struggling to overcome the reactionary ideas and hateful agendas that have cost so many lives.


The Australian Communist Party commends with the greatest admiration the brave resistance of the Sudanese workers and people as they seek to shake themselves free of reaction and dictatorship. We express our sympathies for the families, comrades and friends of those who have fallen during the savage repression unleashed by government and associated paramilitary forces.