Condolences to the people of Sri Lanka

To the JVP - Sri Lanka

25 April 2019

Condolences to the people of Sri Lanka

The members of the Australian Communist Party send deepest condolences to the people of Sri Lanka as they recover from the tragic loss inflicted by recent terrorist attacks. Sympathies go to the loved ones of those lost and to those struggling to overcome the reactionary ideas and hateful agendas that have cost so many lives.

The ACP stands beside all those fighting the anti-people plans of reactionaries and servants of imperialism. It is only once these scourges are defeated that the people of the world can live in peace to build a happy, prosperous socialist future together. It is in these tragic circumstances that Communists and socialist should recommit to this noble goal for the benefit of workers and all those currently exploited by the divisive and inhumane system of capitalism.

In socialism,

Bob Briton

Acting General Secretary Australian Communist Party

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