Communists’ work amongst the homeless

Every week they’re there. Volunteers distributing between 100 to 150 free, nutritious meals to Sydney’s homeless. Clothes and information on services are available, Tea, coffee, fruit and bread to take away are piled onto several trestle tables. The stall at the Macquarie Street, Martin Place is a happy place. Chats strike up between volunteers, regular customers and the increasing number of new faces.

Bob Briton - 27/4/19

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The O’Shannassy Problem

In the span of 67 years, Ray O’Shannassy found himself involved in labouring, a trade unionist, was a prominent and outspoken member of the CPA and well known nuisance to the Government, with officials referring to him as the “O’Shannassy problem”. Throughout the course of WW2, O’Shannassy worked as a labourer, becoming a trade unionist, and from there formed aggressively left views.

Hone Heke - 27/4/19

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Poverty - Capitalism’s Inevitable Partner

Here in Australia, the working class has a strong ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ mentality. While this mentality isn’t an inherently bad one to have, it does forget to critically analyse the relationship between capitalism and poverty. It also fails to take into account a proper solution or response to the problem at hand. In this article I would like to both discuss the aforementioned relationship between capitalism and poverty, and secondly i would like to discuss actions we as Marxist-Leninists/socialists should be taking to help alleviate the conditions for these victims of capitalism.

Occer Malloney - 21/4/19

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