Greetings to the Communist Party of Canada - 39th Convention


14 May 2019
Greeting to the 39th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada

Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the 39th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, please receive warmest fraternal greetings from the members of the newly-formed Australian Communist Party. Our Party was created in response to the deepening, multi-faceted crisis of capitalism and after analysing the inadequacy of the groups expressing the desire to change our society from a capitalist to a socialist one. We respect the commitment of the CPC to that noble goal and the level and quality of activity directed to that end in your country and the solidarity it displays internationally. We look forward to seeing the results of your Convention and to deepening relations between our two Marxist-Leninist parties.

Our parties share a similar history of colonialism, dispossession of the Indigenous peoples and ideological dominance by imperialism. Our countries are both locked into the brutal military plans of US imperialism. The workers and other exploited people have suffered the loss of gains achieved through struggle in the trade unions and elsewhere with leadership often being provided by Communists. The workers are currently misled to accept an agenda that is not in their interests and that serves the interests of the monopolies. We both have an enormous struggle ahead to inject the leadership required into the movement in resistance to the looming catastrophe being imposed. We are confident that the work of the 39th Convention will help greatly in that cause of liberation.

Long live the Communist Party of Canada! Long live working class internationalism!

In socialism,

Bob Briton

Acting General Secretary Australian Communist Party