Events in Sudan

12 June 2019

Statement by the ACP on events in Sudan

The Australian Communist Party commends with the greatest admiration the brave resistance of the Sudanese workers and people as they seek to shake themselves free of reaction and dictatorship. We express our sympathies for the families, comrades and friends of those who have fallen during the savage repression unleashed by government and associated paramilitary forces.

The courage and inventiveness of the Sudanese people are an inspiration to us all. They ended the 30-year rule of ruthless former president Omar Hassan al-Bashir and are now pressuring negotiations to establish civilian rule. Against huge odds they are upholding the demands of the people that will find their ultimate expression in the building of socialism as set down in the program of the Sudanese Communist Party, which continues to struggle and defy repression.

In this struggle, the people of Sudan can continue to rely on the solidarity of the Australian Communist Party.

Central Committee Australian Communist Party