Community Outreach




Every week they’re there. Volunteers distributing between 300 - 400 free, nutritious meals weekly and by the end of the 2018, Community Union Defence League had served approximately 14,000 meals and over 20,000 hot drinks to Sydney’s homeless community. Clothes and information on services are available too with political literature handed out regularly. Tea, coffee, fruit and bread to take away are piled onto several trestle tables. The stall at the Macquarie Street end of Martin Place is a happy place with music playing and laughs spreading. Chats strike up between volunteers, regular customers and the increasing number of new faces. With the housing crisis peaking, with the numbers growing at our service alone, the official statistics state that there was 116,427 homeless people in Australia with only 7% who are on the streets. One of the main contributors to homelessness in Australia is Domestic Violence.



Domestic violence is rife in Australia with 3.2 million women, (1 in 6) and 1.4 million men, (1 in 24) were physically and/or sexually and a physically and mentally abusive relationship. With the housing only rising in price, waiting for a suitable house to become available, and one has finally, finally come up. You can sign the lease and move in next week, and finally be free to live your life free of control and violence but...where will you get money for a mover? Physical possessions are often one of the last things people consider in terms of domestic violence, but leaving can be incredibly daunting if you have to consider buying an entire household of furniture again. One service that does not currently exist is a moving service specifically to assist victims of domestic violence. Movers can often cost upwards of $1000, so CUDL want to help! We are having a fundraiser with the aim of purchasing a second-hand van and becoming the first not-for-profit in NSW to offer a free moving service to victims of domestic violence, increasing their security and safety, reducing their moving and starting again costs and enabling them to leave faster.



The members and volunteers of the Australian Communist Party and Community Union Defence League (CUDL) help many in need. Struggling families needing to get rental homes ready for inspections, lawn mowing and cleaning to general help. One of the programs we are initiating is the Community Garden programs. With many feeling the effects of low wages and high inflation, working many hours a week and not being able to maintain simple things like garden care, the ACP and CUDL members step in with innovation. The members and volunteers maintain the lawn but also install gardens in backyards with expertise, allowing fresh produce to grow in the community for the benefit of the community member and for the food services provided by CUDL elsewhere.