Bob Briton’s wage Theft from the CPA Part 2 - Response to Article “Class war”

The CPA’s leadership continues to further flush their credibility down the toilet with another salvo of misdirection and outright lies.

In his latest attack on reality on behalf of the CPA leadership, Vinnie Molina served up a series of bogus claims wrapped in the disguise of an article about class war in the July 17th issue of The Guardian. The claims boil down to the following:

1.     That the CPA has not engaged in wage theft

2.     There was no split

3.     The CPA needs to “defend” its history from being “reclaimed”

Claims 1 and 2 are bold-faced lies. Claim 3 is a dishonest attempt to claim exclusive rights to the history of the Australian Communist movement.

Vinnie tries to misdirect readers with the following turn of phrase: “…demanding the former general secretary to be paid for the job to which he was elected…”. He is trying to make readers believe that the claim is about being paid for being General Secretary. This is a lie.

Bob Briton, the employee the CPA is trying to steal entitlements from, was hired as a journalist (not General Secretary) in 2003 and continued to serve this role until he resigned this year. He is NOT seeking payment for being General Secretary. He is seeking the long service and annual leave entitlements that he was not paid and that are his right under the terms of the Award as a journalist employed by the CPA.

After dragging their feet for four long months, the CPA, after being publicly shamed for their gross abuse of worker rights, finally paid an amount to their former employee. The amount paid is still only a quarter of what is legally owed! How can workers take the CPA seriously as a working class party when it won’t even adhere to the requirements of an award?

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.25.15 am.png

It seems that the CPA leadership have abandoned dialectical materialism and, in the best traditions of idealism, prefer what exists in their imaginations over reality. So it is that they claim that a split has not taken place.

A split is when a group of people leave a party to form a new organisation. It can be large or small, significant or otherwise, but it is still a split. In March of this year, members from all over the country, including leading, veteran members, left the CPA over its continuing, irrevocable decline into opportunism and formed the Australian Communist Party.  

A split has taken place and the only confusion in the local and international communist movement is over why the CPA ignores reality, slanders ex-members and steals from workers!

Vinnie talks about defending the Party’s history yet has clearly learned nothing from it. The CPA itself was formed in 1971 as the result of a split. A core of sincere Marxist-Leninists left the original CPA because, despite their best efforts, it was descending into the same kind of opportunism the modern CPA has.

In fact, the “defending” the CPA talks about is actually about claiming the efforts of all past Australian communists, regardless of which party they belonged to, as the intellectual property of the current CPA. So, for example, they claim Jim Healey as part of the CPA’s exclusive legacy even though Jim Healey died 10 years before the current CPA was established!

Vinnie was right in saying that there is a class war. It is just a shame that he and the rest of the CPA’s leadership are only willing to take the working class’ side in words but not deeds. They had their chance to put the worker’s position during the Change the Rules campaign but instead tailed the ALP. Even when it came to their own hired employee, they refused to meet even the minimum level of commitment to workers’ rights that the capitalist state mandates!

Dont let the CPA get away with not paying entitlements, let them know this is behaviour that supposed communist should never engage in!