Best Wishes to the KKE


Sunday 7th of July 2019

The Australian Communist Party of Australia sends best wishes to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) as they contest national elections. The KKE has set an outstanding example for parties of the international Communist movement in the use of parliaments to advance the interests of the working class and other exploited people. The KKE has learned from bitter experience that there is no value for Communists in seeking alliances with forces given to unprincipled coalitions with capitalism or from choosing the “lesser of two evils”. The KKE uses parliament as a tribune for the message of socialism and for immediate gains without strings attached. Their objective is to advance an independent working class agenda that has its main base of support in the organised labour movement and to build a vanguard party. Their tireless work and patience will eventually achieve a breakthrough and when this happens, the ACP will celebrate along with every sincere Communist across the world. In the meantime, the ACP will continue to build its forces with the intention of following the path chosen by the KKE.

Central Committee of the Australian Communist Party 

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