Historical Documents


A Plan For The Fighting Man

In 1944, with many Australians still fighting in WW2, the ACP created a plan for them divided into two parts. The first, introducing more democracy into the services and improving service conditions. the second, our programme for the service men and women in the post-war period.


Communism An Outline For Everyone

This excellent booklet is a step by step guide of socialism including many of the ideas and theories. “Written by a prominent member of the British Communist Party in 1942. Its concluding section about the British Communist Party applies equally to the Australian Communist Party.”

The Farmers’ Way Forward

This beautifully written pamphlet dated in 1943, with WW2 raging in Europe and unity needed, “The Farmers’ Way Forward” was written for both the urban workers and farmers of Australia, to better understand each others specific conditions and be able to recognise their common interests.

The Soldiers’ Guardian

“The Soldiers’ Guardian”, was produced by the ACP’s Soldiers Committee which was a success. This pamphlet educated military personnel on current issues returning soldiers faced, such as their entitlements, conditions of care while on the battlefront and post war reconstruction.


What Is This Labor Party?

An honest and detailed document explaining the nature of the Australian Labour Party, its assault and restraint of our union movement and its relationship to Capitalism. Published in the 1940s, yet remarkably relevant in our time. A very worthwhile read for understanding the ALP.


A Reply To Father Ryan - L.L. Sharkey

Forces continued to attack our union movement and P.J. Ryan, continued the crusade against communism and the ACP, writing a pamphlet attacking the then Gen Sec L.L. Sharkey. His response was accurate and swift as usual with a thorough analysis and rebuttal.

Women In Australia

With society drastically changing and women entering the workforce at an increasing rate, especially during and post-WW2. “Women in Australia” explains and attempts to educate the women of Australia on their social and economic position within the evolving political landscape.

Housing, Slums, Private Enterprises and the Future

In November 1943 the ACP was requested by the Commonwealth Housing Commission to submit proposals for a post-war Housing Scheme. Addressing the shortage of homes as well as the extent of involvement of private enterprise.

Every Farmer Well To Do

In 1944 our farming communities were facing the very same issues that they face today, the ACP’s Agrarian Committee had a plan and policy. With monopolisation threatening the farmer’s market, to banks heavily burderning the industry with high amounts of debt.

A Free World Without Violence R Dixon & L.L. Sharkey

Written by R Dixon and L.L Sharkey complimented by a foreword by Rupert Lockwood. This pamphlet is aimed at dispelling the rumours and gossip of the violence of communists being propagated by the anticommunist propaganda of the time.

Democracy For Whom - L L Sharkey

A brilliant pamphlet authored by the great L L Sharkey explains the democratic processes of the Soviet Union, the unjustified defamatory allegations of starvation and the painting of Comrade Stalin as a dictator likening him to Mussolini and Hitler during and pre-WW2.

Death & Dividends

Published by the Broken Hill Branch of the ACP in 1933, “Death and Dividends” reveals the life threatening diseases that many miners faced, the brutal deaths due to poor safety conditions and the extreme amount of profit that the mine-owners earned while the workers perished.



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