Historical Documents


25 Years Of the Australian Communist Party

A riveting speech detailing the struggle against the social democrats and revisionists, delivered at the 14th Congress of the Australian Communist Party. Held in the Sydney Town Hall, August 9-12, by J C Henry, State Secretary, QLD State Committee of the Australian Communist Party.


Solidarity Forever! - Bertha Walker

Providing detailed accounts of many of the radical and socialist struggles in Australia in the early 20th century. The linking theme is the involvement of the author's father, Percy Laidler (1884-1958), an orator and organiser who played a pivotal role in most of the left wing movements of his time.


Collective Speeches In Parliament Fred Paterson

Written in 1945, this booklet brings together the more important speeches of Fred Paterson to the Queensland parliament. A member for Bowen, QLD between 1944-49. His speeches are a model for Communists on how to use the parliamentary platform to rally for a socialist revolution.


Socialism In Australia

In this booklet from 1957, ACP General Secretary Lance Sharkey takes issue with two academics, GDH Cole and Dr Burton, who suggested Marxism had “gone wrong”. It is a masterful debunking of the social democratic prejudices that still dominate the labour movement.

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An Outline History of the Australian Communist Party

From a lecture by L L Sharkey to a National Party School in 1944, detailing the history of the Communist Party from its founding in October 30, 1920. Detailing the struggles and growth of the labour movement and the struggle against sectarianism and reformism.


The Wonthaggi Coal Strike, 1934, Peter Cochrane

On the 6th of March 1934, the State Coalfields at Wonthaggi were deserted. Lasting five months in a glorious win for the striking miners, the strike sent ripples through the country, lead by Idris Williams of the Miners’ Federation.


Penal Powers - Jack McPhillips

Written in 1958, this booklet by Jack McPhillips, sets out the plans of the then Menzies Liberal government to punish Australian trade unions for defending their members. Modern readers will see many parallels between the actions of the government then and in more recent time, a recommended reading for unionists everywhere!


Political Charge Against Sharkey

In 1949, ACP General Secretary, Lance Sharkey was asked by a journalist what the reaction would be if the USSR invaded Australia. Lance responded and would serve jail time for his comments. In this booklet, Fred Paterson, describes the sedition case.


CIA Declassified Files on “Communist Influence in Australia”

A secret CIA memo warned of the Australian Communist Party's ability to "cripple Australian production" and “considerable power within the trade unions”. Written just months before the infamous 1949 coal miners strike, which mobilised 23,000 coal miners lasting seven months.

What is Marxism? - Emile Burns

Written in 1939, this work by British Communist Emile Burns was one of many that set out the basics of Marxism-Leninism for a generation of activists. His accessible style and deep understanding influenced many to commit to the cause of socialism and Communism.

Jim Healy - Leader of the Waterside Workers Federation

Written at the height of “Big Jim” Healy’s notoriety by fellow member Rupert Lockwood. Hounded by the Menzies government, he steered wharfies through many bitter struggles to secure dignified work in an industry with an appalling history for insecure, low-paid and dangerous work.


Communist Tactics of Revolution

Written in 1920, this booklet conveys the revolutionary enthusiasm of those early days of the Third (Communist) International. The Party set a bold course and made it clear Parliaments may provide a platform for Communists to rally against capitalism, but is not going to overthrow it.


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